Testing Post

There’s been an extremely long time since I’ve posted online and this blog has long stood rusty and I think there’s a spiderweb in the corner, BUT I am not going to revive the blog. I have made plans to revive it but I feel that it’s very messy and a lot of the website has been tampered with already which makes certain things messy, so I am going to stop posting here forever. (Which means it would be wise to unfollow this blog.)

I will be starting a new blog but I do not wish to advertise it here. When you come across it, you will come across it. I feel that this blog has not been at all useful to the online community so there is nothing to follow through for anyone who even comes across this post. Hence my decision not to continue this site and also not to proclaim my new website which I will only start next year. I’m really going to plan my blog well this time.

Sitting here trying to come up with an appropriate farewell, I can’t. But I will not take down this website. I don’t want it to vanish forever. Someday I might come back to it and revive it. Someday I might use it again. But for now, it’s my testing blog.


What do you think?

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