I Refuse

So, if You say move,

It’s time for me to follow through

And do what I was made to do:

Show them who You are.

This post is for Christians who read my blog but if you’re interested, go on ahead! It can be relevant to you too if you don’t believe in God because all of us are called to do good works, help the less fortunate, feed the poor and comfort the grieved. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, right and wrong should remain the same. No murder, no cheating, no lying.

So I Refuse By: Josh Wilson is not a new song but one published in 2010. You see, I only became interested in his music this year when our church held a musical and one of his songs (it’s an awesome song, you should check it out) Before The Morning was sung by the main character.

God has marvellous ways of speaking to us and this is the story of why I’m talking about this song instead of Before The Morning or the numerous other songs that have touched the hearts of many others. I found this song a few days before I had to meet up with my Big Sister in Christ for a Bible Study of sorts. Before we met up I was to read a chapter about ‘Spectators or Players’ from a Christian book that we were discussing and meditating on.

That’s when the lyrics of this song met the words of that chapter and the magic began to work. Because of all the chapters in the book, it happened to be that one just as of all his songs, I became drawn to this one.

Both talk about doing what God wants me to do in my life. He gave us a choice to sit on the side, go to church on Sundays, read the Bible for one minute in the morning or at night and live life like I’ve earned it. Or I could do things to spread His Word to others or strengthen the church, start a Bible study, start a prayer support group, talk to people about God, read the Bible like it’s my instruction book on how to live life and most of all to stand up for what is right. It will be the most difficult thing I’d ever resolve to do in my life just because being human is so easy.

But I had to remember that I didn’t earn my life. I don’t deserve salvation anymore than the next person. I’ve never been good, I’d probably be a murderer or a cheat if I didn’t have Christian parents, if I never knew about church, if I was never touched by God. He saved me from a life of regret and I know I should never think I can sit by the side and wait for someone else to do what God has called me to do myself. He loved me so much to do something that hurt Him so badly, I want to do the same.

So this year, I refuse to make one more excuse. Cause I don’t wanna live like I don’t care, I don’t want to say another empty prayer. I want to be like the men in the Bible who moved, who acted, who obeyed and accomplished things that have been remembered for centuries. I don’t want to do things to be remembered but I want to do things because I’m in awe of God and I want to be like Jesus.

In the chapter I wrote, it spurred me on to be a woman of action when what God has called me to do is clear, like homework or not falling asleep in sermon, or when he tells me to speak out or comfort someone. There are things I’m not comfortable doing, like speaking to strangers but I dare say a lot of people are not comfortable doing that, yet there are things I clearly can do.

When do you stop? When do you take a step back and let God act? Taking vengeance. We as humans have a knack for wanting to retaliate when we’re wronged. God said in His Word, “Vengeance is mine. I will repay.” I will wait, Lord, till you act. You have also said in your Word that we should love our enemies. That’s the hardest thing in the world but it’s possible. So many people have done it. Help me, Lord, to do it also.

Another time to stop is when there is no more to do except worry. Have I studied enough? What if I didn’t score well in the test? I’ve submitted a petition, will it come through? Will it be rejected? There’s nothing more you can do except pray and wait. God doesn’t expect us to take action all the time. There’s always rest and waiting time with Him.

Now, I shall rest my fingers and leave God to work the magic in your lives too.

Have a blessed new year and may you refuse to make another excuse not to do good!


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