The Meaning of Resolution

We like making resolutions. Lots and lots of them. I’ll make my bed. I’ll go for walks every evening. I’ll do my homework and study a bit more. I’ll save money. I’ll write my blog.

Since we’re an expert at making resolutions, why are we also an expert at abandoning our resolutions? What happened to the resolution in your resolution?

Many people don’t remember what resolution means anymore. Making resolutions becomes a to-do list that people resolve to do ‘sometime’ in their life. So let’s remember what resolution is before we make another one that doesn’t last longer than a day.

The dictionary ( says:

resolution noun [rez-uhlooshuhn]

1. a decision or determination; a resolve

2. the act determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.; the act of resolving

3. firmness of purpose; the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute

Simply put, resolution is determination or act of solving. We can combine both meanings to form the determination to solve a problem. Thus coming up with resolutions means to come up with solutions to a problem or a course of action to change old habits/ways.

A course of action, you have to note that.

So this year, let’s plan a course of action to take instead of a wish. Having goals are one thing, but they fail without the resolution. Looking ahead is one thing, but if you don’t dodge the potholes, how are you ever going to make it to your destination in one piece? Most people give up because they don’t have a concrete plan so let’s not make the same mistake again.

One goal of mine is to ace my exams (as if I would aim for anything else) so my resolution for this year would be to do all my homework without fail. No nonsense about not enough time or wanting to rest, if I’m ever going to get good marks, I gotta do the minimal first. And read my textbooks. I don’t do that but I think it some things become interesting when it’s not coming from the teacher’s mouth.

Second goal. Write an adventure novel and finish it. I love stories of a person’s journey where they travel to places and have adventures and battles and fights for justice. They usually come in a long book that have many chapters (more than fifty). I’ve tried a million times; Quyinella’s Quest was one of my attempts that died again. So this year, my resolution towards that goal is to start writing ideas for all those adventures like I would blog post ideas.

The third goal I’d like to share would be to know the Bible inside out. Of course, this could take me a million years to accomplish but I find it amazing when people stand up on the pulpit and recite verses and references like they are reading the alphabet. So this year, I want to do my memory verses and actually commit them to memory. Commonly, I learn them just to recite it to the teacher but this year, I’m going to learn them all and recite them like nobody’s business.

What are your resolutions this year? How are you going to accomplish your goals?


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