Metamorphosis 2014

Change is in the air! Not only because the year is ending or because the new year is coming but also because people are maturing or otherwise. It just so happens that I need an excuse to revamp the blog to best suit it’s name. I’ve never explained why I named the blog ‘Eremitic World‘ but maybe I will, so in the meantime, enjoy the new layout of the blog!

Okay, to people who have been reading my blog from the first day, this layout may leave you stunned. Like, “Hey where have all the sidebars gone?” So I shall tell you the simple things here and if you still have more questions, pop them into the comments, yeah?

So the sidebars have gone downstairs. You will now realize that only one post is shown when you type in my blog address and this is because I’m trying to make it easier for you to scroll all the waaaayyyyyyy down to find the sidebar. People who know my blog know that I occasionally update the text there and recently I’ve inserted something to post images. It might take a while before I post an image (I still have to figure out how to post an image) so enjoy the texts first.

You may have noticed the new description of the blog: ‘We are essentially alone so we can understand others better.’ A new year requires a new theme so this is the theme I believe best suits what I want to do this year.

Experience myself to understand others.

After all, how often are you yourself around other people? Not so much, I’d reckon. We have an inner person that we reveal only when we’re alone and this inner being is the essence of you. Because we are around people so much, it’s difficult to let ourselves out, it’s difficult to bravely step forward and say, ‘this is me, like it or leave’, since their most likely reaction will be the latter.

We are essentially alone so we can understand ourselves. We can be ourselves as we are; we can experience the extend of our dark side, come to fear it, come to love it, come to rein it in. If you keep it locked in the cellar all the time, it might grow, it might shrink, it might weaken and when you finally open the cellar and let it out, it might not be there.

We want to understand others because sometimes the dark side of them may show in emotionally charged moment and you want to know why. You want to know the reason.

You gotta feel it yourself first.

This post is becoming longer than I expected so I shall begin to conclude. I dislike doing a lot of things. Housework is one of them. Homework is another. I’ve come to learn this year that I cannot ‘do it now and get over with it‘ because next week comes around and I’ll have to wash the socks all over again. It’s neverending, it’s tiring.

But it can be useful. How better to describe raw fingers then to have them? The experiences I have can make me or break me. I want to be molded from them but I don’t want to be changed entirely. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to dread homework but at least now I can face it with my chin up because I know I will come out the other side stronger.

If I look at homework as another obstacle to the hour where I can click the television on, I’ll always dislike it. But if homework becomes something that I do because I need the practice, I need the knowledge it’s holding out to me, it becomes easier. I’ll be eagerly reaching out for it because it will move my story up one more chapter.

I’m always scared of failing. I’m scared of committing and wasting my time. I’m scared that I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, creative enough, sociable enough (I’m not sociable at all!!) for the things that come my way. I trudged through 2013 worrying about all that but this year, I’m leaving every of my fears in God’s hands and I’m just going to fight my way through with a blazing sword and a book bag because He will provide for me. I’m tired of having to worry about how good I am.

I’m tired of worrying about how I’m worrying.

I’m ready to face the new year. It’s never happened before, this energy I’m feeling. I hope you feel it too when you look forward.

What’s something you worried about in 2013 that you want to overcome in 2014?


What do you think?

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