Winter’s Bone: The Movie

Yes, there’s a book. I figured after I watched the movie. I should probably read the book too. It sounds interesting from what I watched from the movie. Okay, so the movie’s about this seventeen-year-old girl, Ree, who has to take care of her two younger siblings and her sick mother (“who will never get well”) and then finds out that her home will be taken away if her father doesn’t show up for his court trial since he skipped bail. The thing is, she has no idea what her father’s up to and she has no idea where he could be. And so she sets out to ask her neighbours and kin livin’round where he is.

No one wants to tell her. She concludes he’s dead but there’s no way she gets to keep the house unless she can prove it. And how can she prove it when everyone’s determined to keep their to-do with her father a secret because he’s involved with the police and they don’t want their illegal dealings with him to be uncovered either.

I won’t spoil the ending. It’s not bloody or violent in anyway. I’d say there were a few swear words which I hope are not in the book as well. I’m interested to read and find out more about the timeline. This story is set in the backlands of Ozarks and I really, really love their accent. The kind of cowboy-broken-ish-sort-of-english language. It’s cool but sometimes it can make it hard to understand because they don’t speak to each other directly. On the other hand, there is this amazing thing you can do with this talk-speak where one character looks to the ground and comments, “The sky’s clear tehday.” It’s a normal statement but because the person’s not looking up, he’s looking down, it portrays something different altogether. This did not happen in the movie like that exactly, this is just an example.

So maybe you’re wondering. This movie came out in 2010. Why are you reviewing it in 2013? Well, I wonder why I didn’t discover it earlier too. I discovered this because of The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence acted in that one. Then I found out she acted in this one. The title’s intriguing. So I tried to find the movie. I’d say this is not an easy movie to make. I reckon the book would be better. But yeah, this explains why my review is late. By three years.

So here’s the verdict on this movie. I like the synopsis. But I think the movie itself isn’t very easy to understand if you don’t already know the background. For example, I understood right away it was sort of like a cowboy vibe since they spoke in this manner and there’s the music they sing which I find pretty cool but I don’t know the culture, I don’t know the traditions so it’s difficult to know why the characters won’t talk; why blood is pretty important. Some things still require the twenty-six alphabets to explain I suppose. But I love the photography, how the setting is realistically reproduced and the details of each person’s house. It’s amazing, when I look at it, how much work they’d have to put in to make the house realistically messy and yet look reasonable for the camera. I love the things they stick on the fridge doors, it’s a funny detail to take note, but I think it’s important. People stick notes on the fridge for things they want to remember, so this way, you do get an idea of the important things they want to remember.

I won’t tell you more, go watch it yourself if you haven’t, though I reccomend researching a bit before you do. Or maybe even reading the book first. And another movie I watched which Jennifer Lawrence starred in that I found pretty interesting was ‘House At The End Of The Street’. I think it’s supposed to be sort of horror and this one IS a little violent and bloody but I like the plot. Also an interesting find. Maybe I’ll review that too.

What do you think of ‘Winter’s Bone’?


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