Sweeter Than Fiction by Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift is my inspiration. She’s a country music artist who first became famous in Nashville and began writing music for Big Machine Records. She always remains true to herself and doesn’t feel the inclination to be someone others want her to be. I started listening to her music because there are no swear words in them. All her songs. I’ve tried other artists but most of them I came across have at least one swear word in them. Other than that, she’s also open, hardworking and pleasantly surprised at everything around her. And, the best of all, to me as a writer, is that most of her songs tell a story.

Like poetry.

Sweeter Than Fiction is no different. The lyrics are telling the story of someone who’s put down trying to chase his dreams, bullied, felled to the point of almost never getting up again. Almost. Because the chorus tells of him standing up, looking back and forgetting how much pain he had to go through. Of how, when you’re facing success, the pain, the tears, the hurt doesn’t matter anymore.

Just like the movie this was written for. Taylor Swift said that she was inspired by the movie’s idea of someone who dared to chase his dream when the whole world didn’t believe in him. Based on a true story of Paul Potts whose dream was to sing… opera and who ended up winning “Britian’s Got Talent”, One Chance is a movie about the basic idea of dreams coming true and the reality that dreams can come true.

I like the song and the movie (even though I haven’t watched it yet and I want to) because of this simple tagline that dreams can be a reality. Whatever I wish can be a reality in the world, if only I work hard. Taylor Swift’s motivation to that because she worked hard for what she wanted and she has it. Somehow, Sweeter Than Fiction not only resonates with the movie but also with her own life experience with success.

For me, the thing that’s breaking me, making me fall, making me not want to get back up again is the fear of working hard but not getting the results after all the effort I put in.

Do you get this as well? Where instead of a person not believing in you or a group of people, the one holding you back an invisible opponent in yourself?


What do you think?

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