About Me

Hello! I’m not a first time blogger but I’m not a successful blogger either, but I’d like to introduce myself and this new world I’ve created.

In this blog I’ll be an anonymous presence who brings things to life within the boundaries of wordpress because (my parents don’t allow me to reveal my identity online) this isn’t just my world, it’s ours, a place where you can be yourself and your whole mixed personality without needing any labels. I’ll be sharing my abrupt crazes and bipolar favourites so maybe you can relate to some things since I’m not being one fixed genre of a person here.

So about myself. I’m a girl, as if that’s not clear enough, and I’m not grown up yet.

I’m still into anime, the latest of which is not the latest at all: Nana. It’s an anime that’s just so real and heartrending and tragic while I can totally relate to both Nanas, maybe I’ll explain in another blog post.

I’m intrigued by the whole gothic culture but I’m definitely out when it comes to piercings anywhere – I don’t even have pierced ears – but I like the whole line of Victorian inspired clothing. I think it’s mostly the fashion that I’m into this because I’m not a trend follower and I feel more comfortable in old-fashioned clothing styles, especially those that are less revealing. I’m conservative. Mostly.

I still don’t know who I am. At school, at home, at church, I feel like a different person. I feel all wrong but the change occurs somewhat naturally. I don’t know if you people have this when you are upset or unhappy but for some reason or the other, you end up smiling or laughing? I appear to have that habit too.

I’m a Christian. I feel the need to add this into this first post not to scare away anyone else but because I want to make my stand clear that I’m against swearing and other colourful language that has no real colour at all. Okay, I know some Christians swear but I don’t, so in this world – no swearing!

I love writing. It feels a bit odd to say this because I guess it’s quite clear from the fact that I’m writing a blog (and a long introduction) but I’m going to scream it from the top of the world: I LOVE WRITING! I hide in my alternate worlds when I have nothing better to do with my time or when I am lonely, like I am now. I’m creating this blog because I’m lonely. I’ll share more about my antisocial-ness later, maybe. Writing gives me solace, and it’s the only voice that never lies. If you hear words from my mouth, it might be a lie, but somehow, I don’t write lies. It’s easier but to me, writing is sacred, so I don’t lie. So even though all of you don’t know me, you will, because this is a truer version of me than anyone will ever see.

Okay, I’ll conclude now. I’ll TRY to post weekly.


I’ll post weekly and make it as interesting as possible so you won’t fall asleep like you did reading this post. Thanks for stopping by and giving this blog a chance. I’m still not so sure what it’s about yet exactly but let’s do away with the labels shall we?


Regards from

Eremitic Girl


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